Construction Activity Kit

Buyers on Amazon and Etsy already know what they are looking for, if you provide them with cheap and ugly designs, they barely leave the chance and left you with bad comments and reviews. These days, you need an edge over your competition and making activity style books will give you just that!

With coloring books, you need high quality, properly formatted files. You need attractive designs. You need the files to be the right size, resolution and of course, you need enough of them to fill a coloring or activity book.


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Candy Coloring Pack

Did you know that activities such as coloring books will improve children’s pencil grip, as well as help them to relax, self regulate their mood and develop their imagination? 

They are also a lot of fun!

My kids are too old now for coloring books activities, but as I wanted to take advantage of the lockdown to spend more quality time with Clara 16, and Sarah 13, we decided all three of us to work on an online project together - and we launched the Cute Unicorns Coloring Pack...

Traffic Underdog

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Power Tools For Communication

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With proper communication tools at a workplace, one could easily improve the overall openness of information and the transparency of the work required to be done.

Consider this interesting snippet found in an article on Forbes

Chatmat Profitz

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As a Beta tester of ProfitDrive, I was struck at how most developers either over complicate or deliver too little to their customers. I’ve seen this first hand so many times, having bought tons of software and usually ending up either underwhelmed or overloaded with functionality that isn’t needed.

Enter ProfitDrive and my expectations weren’t very high to be fair. But what a surprise as we went through the process of ironing our bugs, adding functionality that enhanced our experiences of using ProfitDrive, plus we had the developer Calin actually going to great lengths to ensure our experiences were exceeding expectations.

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Fun Jobs Activity Kit

The reason why children’s activity books are getting more and more popular is because it’s difficult and takes a lot of time to create the content for children’s activity book.

First you need to come up with the topic (ie: learning alphabet, learning job or profession) then decide the activity (ie: writing, counting, coloring, drawing). After that, you need to plan the layout of the page, then drawing the items you want to put on the pages.

In short, content creation for children’s activity book requires a lot of creativity and time. We understand that not everyone has that much time and it’s not easy to be creative because creativity is a God-given talent, and you can’t learn it in weeks or months.

We want to help you overcome this content creation problem, that’s why we created this “Fun Jobs Activity Kit”.

Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking bad habits and forming new ones is an evergreen topic which will always be in demand .
Habit breaking and formation products are part of the personal development niche and over $500 million is spent on purchasing personal development products every year.
The personal development market is estimated to be worth $11 billion and each year it is growing at around 5% .
Millennials are now the largest target group for personal development products . <br> What this all means is that the market for breaking bad habits and forming new empowering ones is huge not only in the United States but right across the world. There are thousands of people who are looking for high quality information on breaking bad habits and forming new ones.