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Striving For Success

This ebook is a unique ready-to-go exclusive guide. Up-to-date on this topic and is completely innovative, informative and is one of the most useful training guides on the market today. You’ll learn everything you’re needing about this highly-demanded hot topic niche.

You don't have to worry about the quality of the content found within this guide as it's written by English writers based in the USA with a degree. They were selected based on the knowledge and expertise on this subject.

BLACK FRIDAY: 30 BRAND NEW Promo Email Swipes from Lee Murray

All that you need to do is take your new emails and swap out my links with your own. Don’t worry, I show you how to get your links. It’s a very quick and simple process.

Then, you can simply load these into your email autoresponder (your buyers list, subscribers list, 5iphon list… etc.) and start sending them out to your MLGS leads!

These are different from my first set of 30 Funnel Five emails (which you can get on the following page), which are all designed to get people into Funnel Five. This new set of emails has a lot more diversity.

Black Friday Affiliate Pro Bundle

The ultimate video tool to quickly convert ordinary videos into affiliate-cash in your pocket!
  • Convert normal videos into affiliate income streams
  • Use for your own videos or videos you find on YouTube
  • Trimmer Tool removes long intros and promos (POWER!)
  • Affiliate Link Add-To-Cart Button (commission booster)
  • Auto-redirect viewers to promo-page when video ends
  • Custom branding to match any promotion or website
  • Tracking And tons more…. (watch the video for more)
Affiliate Video Pro is a WordPress plugin that lets you add videos to your website, and convert those videos into affiliate commissions (with no other content necessary!) Watch video for full details.... don't miss out!


If you’re like most local consultants, you probably never even gave this niche a second thought. I know I never thought of it until an unlikely meeting at a breakfast diner early this year.
I overheard a conversation between what turned out to be two moving truck drivers, and one thing led to another. In the training I explain the details, but what matters is this… Those two guys led me to my first moving company client and its been a very profitable experience. I think you would enjoy working with movers too so I've compiled a complete 'kit' that will save you tons of time and money.

Super Funnels

Over our digital marketing careers, we’ve each built up incomes of over $100K per month.
For years, our main business has been creating product solutions & affiliate marketing. 
Tens of thousands of happy customers enjoy our products, so over time we’ve built very large lists using ‘product funnels’ that convert traffic into sales. 
But - getting personal here … Doing things manually is HARD work, and we’re not getting any younger.