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Millions Of People

It doesn’t matter your experience level or where you are in the world.
This strategy is absolutely free to do!
This traffic source and industry is projected to be worth over $1 Billion in annual revenue in the next year. How many people exactly? 
Well just in America alone we are talking a user base of over 100 million people that are into this! You have to think more than just America however. We are talking about the entire world!

Web Agency Fortune

Basically, I partner up with businesses in their online marketing efforts. I have been creating websites, videos, funnels, etc. and getting these marketing assets to work together to bring results – leads and sales.

I also create marketing materials in various forms for other consultants. There are thousands of professionals who are using my products every day in their clients’ marketing campaigns.

When it comes to marketing, different industries require different strategies:

– Millions of local business still stick to traditional channels like TV ads or billboards.

– Some industries get great results by just paying for PPC advertising.

Hidden Treasure

Because people are always looking to solve the problems that are holding back their life and dreams.

Now, you may think that you don’t have the answers they’re seeking, but actually both the problem and the solutions can be made transparent very easily so you can offer the help they want – and they’ll pay handsomely.

Of course, they have to believe that you hold the key to those solutions, and I'll show you how to position yourself in that light right in front of them.

Free Traffic, Digital Assets and Monetization

For those that don’t know me, I’m Brendan Mace, a simple Canadian dude that gave up a “traditional job” three years ago, to start a wildly profitable online business. And “WOW,” the journey has been truly mind blowing!!
After $6 million in online sales, I’ve finally found something that I truly believe is both effortless and powerful. Atomic DFY eliminates the “confusion” and “frustration” of starting an online business, and gives you a complete system, right out of the box.


It was the best of what I had learned in my… oh, I don’t know… almost 5 years of being a somewhat successful online marketer.

Hey, 20 bucks a day is better than many, I suppose.

But the book actually won me my first “WSO of the Day” award… and sold over 1000 copies!

This one event allowed me to quit my crappy restaurant job, and the momentum I had gained allowed me to never have to work for anyone else ever since.

I've been earning my living exclusively from Internet marketing since March of 2013.

Cookbooks Empire 4

As many of you know, I usually love to work with books for kids of any type, but nothing really is like cookbooks. Because their sales are growing steadily, and there’s always more interest from parents for this type of books.
In a world where kids are at the center of the global attention, especially for health purposes and because they don’t consume enough vegetables, cookbooks for children assume more relevance over time, and this genre is creating new records every year.
Cookbooks for kids are easier to create, you can save time with easier recipes, and all the sub-genres I selected for you will give you a lot of choices on where to start from.

Kindle Kings

But over time my margins dropped just like everybody else, my profits were terrible. I knew I had to try something else. I knew that I had to produce passive income, month after month, so I could spend more time with my partner,  my friends and my dog 🙂
I tried a lot of different things, like drop shipping from Aliexpress to Shopify and that business model does not work. Until I discovered Low Content Book Publishing on Amazon! THANK GOD I DID! 
Are you ready to jump in, create your books once and profit from them AGAIN AND AGAIN? I bet you are..

Public Domain PrintShop

Commission Robot

I’m Billy Darr and on behalf of myself and my business partners David Kirby, Justin Opay and I, I’d like to congratulate you for landing on this page…
In the next 2 minutes, I’m going to explain exactly how you can get out of the ‘learning cycle’ and into the ‘doing cycle’ and start making real money online in less than 3 minute, using our revolutionary software commission robot…
Commission Robot is a complete commission-getting solution that does all of the hard work for you.