As a beta tester, I was part of a group of like-minded people that wanted to ensure this software is the best it possibly can be, and we tested everything.

From email and email autoresponders to monthly bandwidth and most importantly security, we scrutinised everything.

This makes managing and hosting websites much easier, and if you’re dealing with multiple clients that need SSL, SQL Databases, Backups and a whole host of other features, you’re in safe hands.

Beyond Printables

You may know that I’m absolutely crazy about low content printables and digital downloads. These easy to create products require little-to-no writing, and people buy them over and over again.

But recently, I’ve discovered five in-demand low content products that are just sitting in plain view.  And surprisingly, very few people are taking advantage of it.

The best part is these don’t require a lot of work to fact very little to no writing is needed.. Plus, you can create them once and get paid over and over again!

2020 Christmas Gift Product Reviews PLR

Many people who have always shopped in person are going to be shopping solely online, due to the current global health situation.  Not only do they want to avoid crowds, but travel has been stifled, so more people will be shipping gifts directly to the homes of their loved ones. 

I’ve created a brand new bundle of 55 product reviews in 11 different categories. 

My bundle, called 2020 Christmas Gift Product Reviews, allows you to guide consumers to the perfect gift for their friends and family - whether it's a child needing a toy, a sports and outdoor enthusiast, a fitness buff, and more!

Affiliate Marketing Cheatsheet

The Affiliate Marketing Cheatsheet Includes Links
To 41 Websites, Most Of Them Auto-Updating. So This Cheatsheet Is Evergreen And Will
Turn Your Emails, Video Reviews
And Blog Posts Into Cash. Inside this cheatsheet, you will find:

Power of Gratitude

Consider this report above that shows how people in the states are leading ahead when it comes to having a negative outlook in life. While some of the smaller countries are seeing a generally better ranking, the inhabitants of larger countries are generally suffering. The stress in life and the demand to do better than their peers are making it hard for people to look at the bright side.

With gratitude, you can learn to forget the bad and appreciate what’s already available to you.

Local Agency Fortune

Basically, I partner up with businesses in their online marketing efforts. I have been creating websites, videos, funnels, etc. and getting these marketing assets to work together to bring results – leads and sales.

I also create marketing materials in various forms for other consultants. There are thousands of professionals who are using my products every day in their clients’ marketing campaigns.

When it comes to local marketing, choosing THE RIGHT MARKET TO TARGET and THE RIGHT SERVICES TO SELL can result in a much higher chance of success.