Roofer Marketing Intensive

Everybody likes Jeanne…that’s the impression you get upon first meeting this energetic, charming and very youthful grandmother. (6 grandchildren currently).   That may be because, among many other things, she teaches relationship marketing.    
Jeanne has a ton of experience with building relationships and wowing people with the “know, like and trust” factor.   And by all accounts, no one would have predicted Jeanne would have been successful providing leads for roofers.  
In a way, she was miserably unqualified when she started; she has no construction training, no roofing experience and she's 'self-taught' when it comes to marketing. Yet today, she's largely responsible for roofing clients staying busy and making profits every month. But as Jeanne herself says, "I'd rather be an "Unqualified Success" than a "Qualified Failure."

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