Printables On

You see, I paid thousands to hire a coach to help me with my business. She gave me a welcome package and inside were some pdfs. I opened them up and I was shocked to see I was able to interact with the pdfs – meaning I was able to write notes, goals, and answer questions. This helped me immensely. Not only that I will never forget the experience I had with this coach. She changed my life. 

This is when I got a lightbulb moment and realized that old and static pdfs SUCK! They are boring and a dime a dozen. It’s much better to have an interactive pdf where people can, well, INTERACT. Fill in their own content. USE YOUR CONTENT! 

This is why I created Printables on Steroids because people won't have to print out your pdfs to use them. They can use them right on their computers and devices.
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