Ecovers Kit V2.0

Look, we don’t care if you use our Ecovers in your own products or your clients’projects. You can modify them anyway you like. Use them in your offline or online marketing campaigns. Use them in your marketing campaigns. Or Do All Of It. With 100+ Ecovers to choose from, you’ll come up with endless ways to use Super Ecovers Vol. 2 PLR for countless projects. It’s not uncommon to pay $50 a pop for an Ecover on any of the major freelancing sites.
You'll pay a little less than that to download 100 of our FULLY EDITABLE Ecovers for a flat-fee of only $16.95. That works out to under 25 centsp er Ecover! 100 Ecovers from the big guys could cost you as much as 5000$ .