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A huge part of my business is affiliate marketing and it has been for over 15 years.

I have made thousands and thousands of affiliate sales in that time and never stop looking for faster, easier and better converting ways to sell.

What I want to show you today is something that is saving me heaps of time and making me even more money.

I’m sure you’ve been told that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started generating an income online. While this is true in many ways, ‘EASIEST’ is a relative term.

If you've tried affiliate marketing you will already know that it isn't that easy. Many new affiliate marketers make zero sales, some make a few sales but most NEVER MAKE A PROFIT.

Best Year Yet

All you have to do is take my new “Best Year Yet” Questionnaire.
You offer it as a sought-after master planning service to local prospects (who jump at the chance of someone helping them create a strategy plan – I’ll show you how easy it is). 
A few questions later, and you have a powerful, practical report to send to them that cleverly persuades them to hire you as a trusted long term business advisor that gets paid high ticket retainers… 
Even if you’re a complete newbie with ZERO track record

Recurring Profit Machine

You’ve already seen it TRADITIONALLY costs over $10K just to get started making multiple income streams.
We’ve worked for MONTHS to redefine passive & diverse income for marketers of any level. 
So during this exclusive launch, we’ve SLASHED the cost for access… To show anyone the reality of making multiple profit streams from inside ONE platform – without a 5 figure investment. 
Considering the DFY site, included hosting, built-in list building, AUTOMATED promotion approvals and so much more …

Commission Map PRO

That’s because you’re trying to win in advanced leagues that are only won by those with specific assets at their disposal.
Sucks right?
But ready for the good news? Success stories are all over the Internet from ordinary people who consecutively win day after day in weird, underground niches.
Now I want to be totally clear about something.. when I say “weird” I’m not talking about anything that wouldn’t be well received on your own Facebook page.
But I PROMISE you have NEVER heard of most of them.
And a personal secret? this is how I make my money, and how I was able to “get in” as a newbie in the first place.
I had no money, time or knowledge with no mentor.
I and others tried the popular ones “Like in high school” I got my butt kicked.. no results, and money..
And then I said what the heck.. I've got nothing more to lose, I might as well try an "ugly duckling" niche that I found by ACCIDENT.

Local Domain Profits

Sure, some of these people (especially mom and pop shops) might turn to a cousin or a nephew to help them with this new ‘internet thing’.

But I’ve found that most of their relatives and friends don’t know how to design a stunning looking website.

And don’t even get me started on these terrible platforms that are a dime a dozen.  Sure, they might offer an easy way to put some text and images on the page, but that’s about all you’re going to get.

But where these platforms and people fail is where you come in. Because you can give these brand new domain leads a great looking website that they will gladly pay you for

Facebook Realtor Raider

You see, Facebook is trying to become the one-stop platform for everything online. Recently, they’ve started taking on real estate listing sites like Zillow, Street Easy, and Trulia by releasing their own real estate listing page.

Real estate agents and private home sellers can now list their properties for sale on Facebook’s marketplace and have Facebook promote it to people who are looking to buy a home in the area.

This new service has been all over the news lately:

Modern Niche Marketing

The personal development niche has a spend of $500 million per year and rising.
The weight loss niche is worth up to $80 billion
Affiliate marketing spend in the United States alone is $5 billion
This all means that the potential to make a lot of money with the right niches is there and there is huge demand for high quality products that reveal how to do this properly. 
There are many people actively involved in niche marketing who are not getting the results they want and many more that are new to it and want to learn the best strategies.

Hey Kitty Cat

The cat coloring book niche is a very popular and profitable one… but most marketers will struggle and fail in it.

And I’ll tell you why…

You need STUDIO QUALITY DESIGNS to dominate this niche.

Not any old grandma’s fridge drawings… but GOOD, well-designed drawings that’s accurate, informational and entertaining.

Designing drawings of cats or anything for that matter requires research – which takes time.

Sitting down, opening Inkscape or Illustrator for hours at a time is taxing and tiring... and guess what?