Adopting a Proactive Mindset PLR

The concept of success and personal development applies to so many demographics. It’s not just a topic for online marketers – it’s for coaches and motivational speakers, therapists and other leaders.

The slant of this PLR is a shift in mindset that helps people adopt a 3-phase strategy taking them from wishful thinker to proactive go getter. They will learn about awareness, analysis and action taking. 

You can give someone every step they need to be a success, and if they don’t possess the mindset to implement that strategy, they’ll never get off the sidelines.

Most PLR in the self help arena is very coddling and simply motivational in nature. That’s definitely needed, but it doesn’t have that one ingredient that takes them from observer and thinker to action taker. 

That's what I've done with this new bundle of private label rights.