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Most publishers go out of the way to ensure that their keyword research and keyword titles are outstanding and compelling. They even go through multiple covers before they decide on the one that looks eye-catchy.

But they overlook the most important part — Book descriptions!

Don’t get me wrong — the book covers, titles and the keyword research do play a part in the customer’s journey to buy your book but at the the very end of their buying cycle, book descriptions play the biggest role to help close the sale.

Book Descriptions are like the sales letter for your books and unlike what you think they are not meant to be written like a summary for your books at all.

Sadly, 99% of books on kindle have terrible descriptions.

That’s why vast majority of sales is concentrated with a small group of authors or publishers because their book descriptions are compelling and captivating.

Summer Reading PLR Pack

I love to learn new things all the time! I’m curious, and I’m good at thinking outside the box to solve daily problems in a creative way.

When my son was born, I felt that the best place to be was at home with him!

I then realized I can do everything I enjoy (learning, creating, and sharing) through working online and creating fun digital content.

That’s how I now sprinkle happiness in other people’s lives!

Fully Automated News Websites

The website fetches content from YouTube and RSS related news websites to the topic and create posts on each category using the keywords I have set it for each one.

More than 10 categories and all of them featured on the front page and there is video tutorial included if you want to make any changes to your site or even change the topic completely.

The website gets visitors who come to browse through news on your website and watch videos. The owner will earn a good commission for every product sold through the website.

I've added hot selling Clickbank products to the website, you just change the ID with yours and there is a short video explains how to do that.

Sleeper Money: 50 Programs Hiding Up to $8k

I was bored and restless on a Tuesday. I had finished everything I needed to get done and was just kind of looking around like…

…what now?

My son had left a Ripley’s Believe It or Not book lying around and without thinking, I sat down at the table and carelessly started flipping through the stories within.

Silly tales of fish vortexes and giant cars built from toothpicks. This was a funny kid’s book and I was feeling foolish for reading it but then it happened…


This Magnetize system is alot easier than other so-called systems out there.

And very few people are doing this right now.

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This is a proven system to get you banking $100 to $150/day quickly.
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Income Blast Off

After all, there is a ton of priceless information here including written and video lessons, downloadable worksheets and templates and much more besides.

Well, it’s easy. I’ve been there. I know what it feels like. And there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than teaching good people what it REALLY takes to make a great income doing something they love.

OK, so I admit I’m also hoping you’ll love this incredible training so much you buy my other products or even my premium coaching (and let me tell you that is VERY expensive indeed!)

YT Supremacy

YT Supremacy will have you building high-quality, authority driven channels for all of your niche markets and products. Our methods can drive thousands of people to your videos and you can promote your or other people’s products. This method can generate thousands of dollars a month, and there’s no need for a website, an email list or even showing your face on camera
Just imagine what ranking in the top of YouTube and Google can do for your business, without having to spend money on expensive ad space.